Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to deal with homesickness..

How long have you been staying in America? Have you experienced homesickness recently? I’m sure that all of you international students in the United States have suffered from homesickness. Working or studying in a foreign country can be an exciting experience. But after several months of being away from home, it’s possible to become homesick. We keep thinking about family, home-cooked food, home town and friends, and the good old days!~

Especially when you are not feeling well, you can be easily homesick. Due to a bad cold, I was also in the bad mood and homesickness for the past 5 days. It seems that International students feel easily lonely and homesick when they feel down in a foreign country.   

Here are some tips for dealing with homesickness:

First of all, “Meet new people!”
Second, “Keep yourself busy!”
Third, “Stay in Touch!”
Fourth, “Taste food from your country!”
Last, “Keep a positive attitude!”

First,Meet new people!” 
Say “Hello” and smile. That’s a very simple way of making friends! Enjoy making friends in a foreign country!
My daughter said to me one day, “Mom! American teenagers are not friendly. Maybe they don’t like people from different countries." However, I still remember during the international students orientation in FDU last year, the dean said, “American students say that international students are not friendly. Maybe they don’t like us!” I was surprised to hear that. So, I want to say to international students, “Don’t be afraid to say Hi~ and smile to people you run into on campus. That is the easiest way to show you’re friendly!~”

Second, Keep yourself busy!
Enjoy learning something new!
Channel your energy into something that makes you happy. Go out and do something new! Enroll in a fitness center! Take group classes in the gym. You can also go to a nearest park to walk or jog. Exercise helps depression and reduces stress levels. There are so many activities that you can do out there. Remember to keep yourself busy~

Third, Stay in touch with your family and friends in your home country.
Just think about how lucky we are to live in the 21st century. It’s very convenient these days to stay connected with family and friends regardless of location and time. You can do Facebook and Twitter or internet chatting via MSN messenger or exchange emails. Stay in touch with people in your home town all the time. In this way, you can be relieved to know that you are still a part of their lives. Just also keep in mind that they do miss you too and they care and love you!

Fourth, Eat food from your country.
In the United States, you can find many international restaurants, so you can go out for lunch or dinner with your friends who have the same ethnic background as you. Having a good time over some familiar food that you used to eat in your home town will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. It will definitely help to reduce your homesickness.

Fifth, Keep a positive attitude!
Nobody can really help you but yourself when you feel down. People can cheer you up but not all the time. So you need to decide to stay strong. Remember that even if you’re far from home, you are always a friend and a family to people in your country. Focus on your career and study goals. Remind yourself often why you came to America. It will help you stay grounded. Think that you are just staying here temporarily for your study and your career! You will go back home sooner or later! Take your experience as self-improvement. It’s part of who you are and no matter what life has to go on.

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