Thursday, October 27, 2011

Do you want to get a job? Prepare for a Job Interview!

Do you want to get a good job after finishing your study? Are you thinking about having working experience in the United States before you go back to your country?

Here is a link that you can find some useful tips how to prepare for the job interview, which can be applied to any interview setting.

Top Ten Tips for Interview Success 

Eli Amdur is quite well known in the career coaching field. I had read his several articles, so I was already familiar with his ideas about interviewing strategies.  He is currently working as a senior coach and advisor at Amdur Coaching and Advisory group, LLC. He also writes articles in the several local news papers and organizations on a regular basis.

In this article he summarized 10 tips for the successful interview.

1.    Prepare.
2.    Look like the professional they want to hire!
3.    Research the company, the industry, the position, and the interviewer
4.    Be on time.
5.    Be enthusiastic.
6.     Ask questions. Then listen.
7.     Set goals and strategies.
8.     Anticipate types of questions.
9.     Talk about your accomplishments.
10.  Follow up

Actually, I highly recommend that you read his articles if you want to get a good job after finishing your study, because his articles are all about for the job seekers.
THE CAREER COACH  (Review Journal, Eli Amdur)

Based on the 10 tips for the interview, you should think three steps: “Before we go”(tip 1,2,3), “During the interview”(tip 4,5,6,7,8,9), “The hereafter”(tip 10).

The importance of preparation and practice before the interview cannot be overemphasized. Amdur said, “Not thinking ahead is not thinking at all.” Practicing a few questions or wearing a blue suit or arriving on time is not a strategy but just a tactic or action. Researching beforehand such as the company that we want to work for, the industry that the company belongs to, the person who is going to interview and position that we apply to is absolutely a rite of passage for the successful interview.

He accentuated the three P’s rule. It was “Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!” It was impressive that he also mentioned taking a rest before the interview as a good strategy because it will make you more confident and relaxed.

As a key point of “During the interview”, he introduced STAR as a story telling strategy, which is an acronym of Situation, Task, Action, and Result. He underlined that interviewers are more likely to hear the accomplishment story based on STAR. He added the two-layer strategy of short answers by giving the abstract first and preparing the full text when asked. Interview is not an interrogation so that a brisk, two-way conversation will bring out a positive outcome for both an interviewer and interviewee.
Amdur highlighted sending a thank you note the same day by using E-mail and a hard copy after the interview. He also emphasized that follow up and follow thorough such as writing samples, references, or other proof of performance should not be overlooked. Through self-evaluation process after coming out of the interview, we can build into our strategy ahead of time to determine appropriate follow up or adapt effectively for a next interview.
His tips for the effective interviewing strategies can be applied in a variety of way so, you should be confident to put them into practice in your real situation

Here is one more website that I want you to read for the successful job interview strategies.  How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Alison Green, the author of “Managing to Change the World” and former chief of staff of a successful nonprofit organization, emphasized four key points in her article: 1. Get to know the employer, 2. Learn the job description like it was your own. 3. Practice and then practice some more, 4. Come up with questions of your own.

Alison said if you follow these four steps, you’ll notice a significant improvement in how well you perform in job interviews.
Remind that “preparation and practice” are the essential points that you keep in mind no matter what until you finally get a good job. I hope these websites will be useful for making your own strategies. Good luck in your interview!


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