Saturday, October 1, 2011

In case of doing outstide activities, check the time and temperature in U.S.

Check the time and temperature when you do outside activities in the United States nowadays. With the advent of autumn, the days become shorter and the temperature range gets wider.

 The galaxy saved my life~~~

Every Saturday morning, I go to the Saddle River County Park which is about 15 minutes away from my place by car. There is a multi-use bicycle-pedestrian path: This bike and pedestrian path is approximately 6 miles in length. I like to power walk or jog on this path way. There are three ponds, tree shaded picnic areas, pavilions, playgrounds, tennis courts and athletic fields accessible along the path. We run into people in the road several times, and each crossroad shows us a different scene. Therefore, we can never be bored in the path trail.  

Today, I went there in the late afternoon. Holly and I walked, listening to music or chatting as usual. Many people passed us by, biking, roller-skating, jogging, and walking, passed us by. We also found many people in the play ground and park along the trail. We stopped walking twice to take a rest in the picnic area.

We didnt care how long it took. (Actually, three hours had already passed)
Also, we didnt realized that it was already growing dark. All of a sudden, we were terrified because we were in total darkness. Besides, the cry of unknown animasl from the forest at night was horrific. My mind went blank except for thinking about running toward the exit. Needless to say, it was so scary to find ourselves in the middle of the forest with no light and people around. I couldnt believe that the people around us had disappeared at the blink of an eye.

There was only one possible way to reach the place where I parked my car. The sign post told us that we had approximately 1.2 miles left to get to the parking lot. I even thought to myself that I might call 911 if we faced a stranger,were threatened by animals or got lost. We wished we had a flash light at least...

An idea just came across my mind at that moment. We had a Galaxy and Blackberry. I had Holly click the market menu and download a flash light for free. Wow Its a perfect flash light! We were running and running in the beam of the flash light Oh my god The Galaxy was running out of the battery We tried to purchase the flash light through the Blackberry, but all the effort was in vain due to the lack of a memory card.. We had to run as fast as we could. In the end, the battery was totally dead when we had 0.3 miles away to reach the parking lot. It was a moment of panic itself when we ran through underpass without light. When we managed to get to the car, we almost collapsed because our legs were trembling severely out of exhaustion. We found out that our clothes were thoroughly soaked with sweat after we composed ourselves in the car. It meant that we were rushing madly at full speed. We laughed a lot, pointing at each other because we looked so silly~~~ All the stress seemed to be gone

Looking back on this horrible experience, I got a good lesson that I have to check the time as well as the weather in the event of outdoor activities at that change of seasons. Actually, the days are getting shorter nowadays. I wasnt careful enough to check it. Oh! One more thing, I must carry the smart phone with me at all times. Without the Galaxy, what on earth was it possible to get through this situation? I doubt it. It was a moment for me not to regret spending so much money for the internet phone.

Anyway, I cannot help but promise Holly to exchange the stupid Blackberry with a new I-phone 4 before Halloween day comes, just in case.(At least, she will be able to use the I-phone as a flash light!~~) She turns out to be a main beneficiary from this happening.

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