Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why is a college education so valuable?

Whenever I see young people have a hard time studying in a college, I encourage them to keep working no matter how hard it can be. I want to make it sure that your efforts and time in college education will pay off in a great way for your future.

Although the higher education has influence on our lives in many ways, in this article I want to emphasize three areas, such as job, marriage and health.

People with a college degree can earn more money on average than people who do not have a college education.

1. The higher your education level, the higher your
chances of finding and keeping a job.
2. The more education you have, the more you can expect
to earn and the less likely you will be unemployed.

In the competitive global economy, the significant amount of opportunity is more available for college graduates. Therefore, you must first understand how important college education would be in order to give yourself the best chance for a well-paying job.

Highly educated couples less likely to have marital problems.

1. Degreed couples tend to share intellectual interests
and the partitioning of household roles.
2. Education’s influence on job stability and career
growth also tend to solidify marriage.

According to a new study by the National Marriage Project, divorce rates for couples with college degrees are far lower, just a third of that for couples who have only high school degrees. (cited in )
Surprisingly, the proportion of married people without college degrees is actually going down in the U.S. It seems that young couples without a college education do not take their relationship seriously or are not ready for their commitment to their married life.

More education increases the likelihood of a long, healthy life.

1. Education is the more significant predictors
of longevity than genetics and affluence.
2. College graduates are likely to have better
health insurance and retirement plan

It is rather surprising to find out that education enhances health and life expectancy regardless of genetic predisposition, income, race, or geographic location. (cited in

It seems like that education is even more critical to longevity than wealth. I think well- educated people are more likely to realize at a younger age that health care and healthy life styles are essential part of their life.

There are many more reasons why college education is important, but the three factors mentioned above, such as job security, marriage, and longevity are most noticeable.

Actually, I have felt sorry whenever I see some international students easily give up studying in an American college due to the language barrier, cultural differences and homesickness although you put a great amount of effort to come over to the United States. Thus, I want to emphasize to you that college education is important because it gives us opportunities for leading a successful life in the areas of job, marriage and health.

Don’t give up on your dream! You will taste the fruit of your hard work soon.

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