Sunday, November 20, 2011

Get. See. Do!

Sarit Lotem
Social Media Consultant, Web Designer, Gadget Lover…
When I first met Sarit at the mall in my neighborhood by chance, we hit it off. We talked about the movie, “Black Swan” and she told me about her blog, “Get. See. Do”. Her blog is automatically linked to Facebook, so I could read through Facebook, as well.

I’ve realized her blog is all about American culture that she has experienced since she moved to America from Israel 10 years ago. She talks about the places she visited, restaurants she loves, great movies she watched, and good book she read. I enjoy reading her blog, so I even visited the places and tasted some food she recommended. I am sure that the information from her blog would be also good for international students who want to taste local culture in their free time.  
Last Friday, Sarit and I sat down and talked about her blog and her interest.

1. Could you please introduce yourself? You can talk about your academic background and career.

I'm a mom for two children with a great husband. Luckily we all share our love for fantastic food and interesting places to visit. I'm also a web designer with a strong passion for art. I got my degree in an art college some 15 years ago in Israel. I build modern and friendly user websites with SEO, Facebook, Twitter and other social media integration for small business. So, I am a social media consultant, web designer, and gadget lover as I wrote in my profile. I came to America 10 years ago and since then, I can't stop exploring.

2. What made you start your blog? Is it also related to your current job?
Are you getting sponsored by the shops, restaurants, or any companies that you mention on your blog?

No sponsoring. I write only about things I truly love. I don't even tell those places that I wrote about them. What is the reason I started to write? It's very simple, I found myself repeating the same stories of great experiences we had with different people on a different occasions. It made me think that if I post and publish my experiences, it will get to more of my friends easily. I didn't think that people from Australia or China will read it. 

3. What do you recommend international students to do while staying in the United States besides studying, in terms of your perspective on your blog, ”Get, See, Do” ?

Get, see, and do as much as they can! It's the only way to get a new experience and enjoy the new surroundings. Try new food, go to a show, and talk to people on the street! Ask local people for recommendations, they know the best!

4. Could you give international students some advice for their academic achievement and career development?

As far as for the career development, it's a tough time with a tough market out there; for every position there are more than one jumper. Don't hesitate to start from point 0 and work hard, if you are good, you will be noticed and climb your way up.

Thank you so much for making time for the interview!
I hope your blog will be more known to international people, so they can enjoy the local culture by getting, seeing, and doing it while they are staying here in the States.

Here are her latest blog postings I want to share with you.
You can enjoy them!

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