Sunday, December 4, 2011

Why is Internship so important?

Some students may wonder whether to take the internship project or one of the regular classes. Some majors require an internship-for-credit program for their completion of a course, but some majors provide it as an option. Thus, some students often ask me, "What are good points for having the internship experience?"

“An internship is referred to a training program in one’s related subject through which one wants to gain skills and experience in that field practically. This training program helps students greatly to fix the issues and get expertise in that profession. This is a fixed-period program that may be paid or unpaid and part-time or full-time. One can avail this opportunity local or overseas depending on the situations. Usually companies offer limited positions for internships” (cited in Why Internship is Important for Students?).

Actually, one of the international students told me that she planned to go back to her home country just after finishing her studies, so the internship project would not be necessary for her future. Besides, she even complained that it did not seem to be fair that she should work without being paid. Colleges usually require that for three academic credits, a student must work 18 -20 hours per week for 14 weeks.

I advised that she grab a chance of having an internship experience whatever it takes. Although she does not intend to work in America, this internship experience will be greatly used for looking for a job in her home country. Besides, it is not a good idea to give up the internship just because it may not be paid. I know some students are doing cheap labor or routine chores being paid with little money; however, this experience may not be useful for their resume as well as their job hunting. Don’t seek only instant self-gratification. Open your eyes and look further into the future!

Internship is a well-structured, valuable learning experience. In particular, the working experience as a student intern in a reputable organization will be really beneficial before jumping into the rough and tumble real-world because it cannot be duplicated in the classroom. Internship will give students a chance to sharpen their professional skills and explore their career possibilities. In addition, they can utilize what they have learned from the school into the real business setting.

In particular, I want to emphasize that the internship experience be more necessary for international students. They can take advantage of this chance to know American business world and polish their ability in the specific field. Although internship does not guarantee a student a job, it will provide them a strong networking related to their major field. Additionally, when they go to a job interview, the references from the internship will be useful to impress the interviewers.

Therefore, the question whether to take a regular class or take an internship course is pointless. Instead, it is time for you to consider how to be successful in your internship. You need to work on what the goal of the internship project is and design the method to fulfill all the requirements for it. Through an internship you will also develop a strong networking between related people with excellent communication skills.

Go find a good organization for your internship project and register it for the next semester!

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